Transylvanian Bakery

Whitechapel Pizza

In our Whitechapel pizza and pastry shop, we only use natural ingredients and make everything in daily. Home-made products and baked daily, for an amazing taste and freshness. No additives or preservatives, all-natural.

Leo Babauta said: “Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest. ” This is what our Whitechapel pizza shop is about. We have a wide range, including sweet and savory rolls, chimney cakes, pies and pretzels.


Baking for you daily

Whitechapel Pizza

Our local bakery products are made after a traditional recipe, combining only a few ingredients. Before baking them, we cover them with delicious seeds like sesame, poppy seeds or sunflower seeds, or simple, with pure sea salt. Golden baked to perfection, they may very well become your coffee‘s best friend!


Only the Best Ingredients


Grandma’s Recipes


Everything by Hand


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7am – 6pm

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Unit 3, Fortress Arcade

223-225 Whitechapel Road

E1 1DB London, United Kingdom

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